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[Discussion] Should Turkey help Greece with its financial crisis?

In the news: There have been basically two sources of this speculation. Firstly, the ideological-allies of Syriza in Turkey, HDP, have obviously said we should bailout Greece. They don't care about the Turk-Greek conflicts of the past so, yeah there's that. But the government has also spoken very briefly of it.
Both contexts are in this article. http://www.todayszaman.com/business_turkey-discusses-helping-greece-pay-its-debts_392429.html
As an economics student entering his final year in university, I think I can help the discussion a bit by laying some things out.
Now this is all assuming Greeks accept publicly receiving assistance from remove-kebab-isis-supporting Törkiye. But it would totally help us diplomatically in Cyprus and in the Aegean by being like "hey.. uhh greeks, we're actually not going to invade you guys. we kinda like you more than you like us?" and help us bring them to the negotiation table genuinely.
So what do you guys think? Keep in mind, though, none of these scenarios are a donation to Greece but a loan. Just like with any other loan there are risks but it isn't a donation. I don't live in Turkey for the record, so I'm interested in what European Turks and Türkiyelis think.
I'm totally down to discuss the nerdy/dorky specifics regarding the Greek crisis if anyone is interested in the comments. This post is long enough as it is, but i'm down lol
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